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iLookLikeYou started as an idea in 2007 when facial recognition was only being considered as a security and law enforcement tool. At that time, it's founders, Wayne Adam and Kirk Johnson both hailed from the Peterborough, Ontario area which is where it all began. IlookLikeYou was one of the very first sites to consider using facial recognition in a commercial application and appeared on The Dragon's Den to pitch the concept. Although the Dragons missed the boat, the concept was picked up by two investors, Jason Lightfoot from Toronto, Ontario and Richard Schumacher from Nassau City, Bahamas. We have just completed our sharper, faster BETA 2.0 rebuild and are now ready to take ILLY to the next level.

The original iLookLikeYou found amazing look-alikes with only 40,000 members in 166 countries around the world. As seen on the Dragon's Den, the NEW iLookLikeYou is now completely rebuilt making it faster, more dynamic, and more fun for everyone.

Upload your photo and get ready for the fun! When we receive 100,000 new members we’ll turn on the facial recognition engine and invite you to see your look-alikes in the world. With the amazing connections on Facebook, we expect to hit this target in just a few days - it's up to you!

The more friends we invite and the more members we gather, the better the chances of finding your twin. It's that easy. Invite all your Facebook friends because you never know who’s friend is looking for you!

More Information on I Look Like You .com:

Have you ever been mistaken for someone else? Have you ever had someone come up to you and say “It’s amazing? You look just like my friend (aunt/cousin/nephew) ___________!” Sure you have. Almost everyone has. Have you ever wondered if there really was someone who looked just like you somewhere in the world: a twin, look-alike or body double?  Did you know that in our world of approximately six billion people, each one of us is said to have at least six look-alikes or body doubles. If that is so, what would they really look like? Would they be an exact replica of you? Would they think like you, act like you, have the same desires and aspirations as you? Wouldn’t you like to know? 

Now you can. With the advent of biometrics, and in particular facial recognition technology, automating the search for matching faces is easier than ever. Backed by the power of the World Wide Web and the Internet, access to a worldwide database of faces can be accomplished effortlessly. Facial recognition software is based on the ability to first recognize faces in two dimensional images, and then measure the various features of each face. Those dimensions are then stored as computer code so it can be compared to thousands, if not millions, of other faces. 

I Look Like You .com is the meeting ground for anyone interested in finding their look-alike or twin. I Look Like You .com incorporates cutting edge biometric facial recognition technology with the power of the internet to allow users from all over the world to come together to form a community with common goals and objectives.

 At first glance, seems to be about answering an age old question or perhaps fulfilling a particular need but there is a deeper underlying theme that makes it more than just entertainment. Imagine you are successful at finding your twin, and strangely enough that twin lives in a country that your country is currently at war with. Wouldn’t you be less likely to support that war? Wouldn’t you rather see peace with that country? is also about bringing the world closer together. One of our slogans reads:

 “ILookLikeYou.comUniting the world, one face at a time.” 

 Consequently, we have further incorporated a software that combines multiple images and morphs them together to form a single unified face. That combined unified worldwide face is what we have termed “The Face of Humanity”. As each user uploads his/her face in search of his/her look-alike, that face will be added to and morphed with all previously entered faces to form the Face of Humanity.  

I Look Like You .com is designed to be fun. To that end, we will be adding other image transforming software products that are both fun and entertaining. These include but are not limited to face aging and de-aging, and sequential image morphing programs. Also, every user that uploads an image will have that image linked to their personal member page where they can customize information providing a portrayal of who they are in the world. In this way a user coming to the site can search for their look-alike and when the resultant images are displayed, can click on an image to read about that person given the information they have chosen to provide. With the ongoing growth of the image database into hundreds of thousands and later into millions of images, members will return again and again to run their image through the database in search of better and better look-alike matches ranked by percentage.  It is our vision that as the image database numbers increase, the faces returned to users will become increasingly identical. It is our hope that not only will people find their look-alike in the world but some may find their real-life twin separated at some point in life and perhaps be reunited through I Look Like You .com.

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